Monday, May 5, 2014

Youth Development Event #2 Easter Party at Boys and Girls Club.

The second event I attended was an Easter party at the Boys and Girls Club. This is where I do my internship so I was happy to help out with the event. For this event there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids on site. There was also egg coloring, and food for the kids and there parents.  Although it was a small party all the kids enjoyed it. It was a chance to be with the staff, their friends, and their parents all at the same time. Whenever the kids get to do anything out of the ordinary at the club they are ecstatic no matter how big or small the event. The night kicked off with the Easter egg hunt. Each child was given a bag to gather up as many eggs as possible, each egg has some sort of candy or prize inside. The child who found the most eggs would also get a giant chocolate bunny for their efforts. After the egg hunt there was the egg coloring. Each child was given a real hardboiled egg that could dye any way they wanted, allowing each egg to have its own creative touch. After that there was an informal snack for everyone where they all could relax and be with their friends and family before the Holliday. This opportunity for the families to have some social interaction with the staff and the kids together is very important. We talked about the importance of building community and having strong positive role models to guide youth. This is just one of the many ways the boys and girls club tries to build the community. Having a strong supportive together community makes for empowered youth who can reach their full potential and beyond.

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