Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Public Event #2 (Reflection)

For my public event I attended a breakfast with Santa at my sisters elementary school in Coventry. The boy scouts hosted this event. They set up the tables and served the food to the guests. It was a great opportunity for the boy scouts to give back to the community. Students from the school could come and have breakfast with their peers, and see Santa. Students were also encouraged to bring friends and family as well. This event was a good example of building a community in a school. The school set up this event so the students could interact with their peers outside of the classroom. It was also a chance to meet other families from the community as well. In class we emphasized the importance of a strong community for youth. Not having a sense of community can be detrimental to a child. If they don’t feel like they belong it can have a serious impact on their growth. We know from Maslow’s hierarchy that belongingness is one of the basic needs of a person. If a child doesn’t feel like they belong it will stop them from achieving self-actualization. But, if you can create a community amongst the students and their families it makes for a much more positive environment for the youth to grow in. A sense of community will have everyone looking out for one another and caring about the well being of their friends and neighbors. Community support can make a big difference in peoples lives, youth especially. Feeling accepted and like they belong to something can do wonders for their self-esteem and overall growth. I thought this event was just a small example of a school trying to improve the community by hosting a get together like this.
(Heres some short explanations of community as well as Maslows Hierarchy)

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  1. Community and a service project for the boy scouts all wrapped up into one package! It sounds like this was a great event! Holidays can be so tricky in public schools -- as a middle school teacher I used to celebrate birthdays until I got 2 students who did not celebrate birthdays. We found other ways to develop community (building a pond together, school dances, etc.). How might you include children who do not celebrate Santa?