Thursday, December 5, 2013

Web Quest ( Youth Voices)

Adobe Youth Voices is an organization that focuses on student creativity. It teaches students to express themselves through new multi media techniques and powerful story telling. They are focusing on “Creating with Purpose”. They challenge young people to use media making to impact change and have an effect on the community. It is a new way for youth to express their voices in a more powerful way. I think this is a great way for youth to be heard. It allows them to be creative and show some serious talent in the process. For many youth this maybe the best way they can express themselves due to the massive increase in technology for their generation. Using Technology may be second nature to them, and they are given a chance to use it in a whole new way to express themselves. Adobe Youth Voices also focus on teaching youth skills to survive in this changing world. By teaching them these new multi media skills they are preparing them for the technology based world this is becoming. They are also building leadership skills, creative problem solving skills, and just creativity in general. Many future jobs for youth are going to require some creativity given the amount of change we are undergoing. Adobe Youth Voices is pushing students to think outside the box, think abstractly, and find new ways to do things.

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  1. I had no idea Adobe was so involved in YD, that's really great and sounds like an interesting way to allow youth to express themselves