Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Public Event #1 (Reflection)

For my public event I attended the 28th annual AIDS Walk RI on September 28th 2013.  Thousands of people gathered at the state house for a 2.5-mile walk in support of AIDS research. Before the walk began there was a very powerful speech from a young man named Anthony Maselli who is a test counselor at AIDS Project RI. He also happens to know first hand about the power of a positive test result as he tested positive for HIV in September of 2012. He spoke about how he contracted the decease while he was taking part in many high-risk activities. He was drinking, partying a lot, using drugs, and having unprotected sex. The idea that he could contract HIV never crossed his mind. This event relates to our class because we talked about the importance of sex education for youth. How it is important to educate youth earlier before they make a decision that can change their life forever. For Anthony unprotected sex led to HIV, for others it may lead to a child. Whatever the burden may be, it’s important that youth are aware of the risks, as well as some preventative measures. HIV/AIDS is a deadly decease, and keeping youth educated could save thousands of lives. Often times people don’t even know that they have AIDS and can unknowingly spread it to a number of people. This whole event also relates to the caring part of the 5 Cs, this event showed how many people care about AIDS. If enough people show their care and support hopefully with enough research we can find a cure for this deadly decease.

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